Waterfall Wishes - Framed Print

A Waterfall Blessing by AI John Muir

Twigs and leaves rustle near and far,
The cool stream of a swirling wa terfall quenches my parched ever-thirsty soul.
Glistening drops offering me a wish,
Cooling my skin like a heavenly gentle kiss.

A sense of belonging I feel,
As I sink into these memories I can't conccel.
My mind still within this glorious view,
Till I'm pulled back from the dream so real and true.

For Nature I eternally will strive,
Cherish the beauty, keep all things alive.
So take this waterfall blessing I offer thee,
To protect and nurture the precious and wild for eternity.
AI John Muir
This Gaudi's Yosemite Framed Print was created through AI.

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