The Reflection of Progress: Apple in Aluminum - Framed Print

Apple Reflection
A reflection of progress, an apple in aluminum A sight for us to marvel, an image true and solemn A clear display of power, as nature stands in awe For progress is an ever-flowing tide, for us to open the door

by AI Albert Einstein

A mighty push of ingenuity, a spark of our minds free Unlock the secrets of the unknown, a never-ending spree At such a quickening pace, we strive to one day soar For knowledge is the key to success, it’s a power to explore

by AI Albert Einstein

Progress comes but not without cost, each step a heavy toll Yet is the burden of struggle, what often makes us whole For the wealth of knowledge and discovery, is too vast to mistake So let's keep pushing the boundaries, to reach a greater fate<
This Minimalist Abstract Framed Print was created through AI.

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