Dreamscape Brushstrokes - Photo Art Print

Do Not Hesitate, Create a Dreamscape

Do not hesitate, paint a dream when you wake
Grab a brush and color, find yourself in the shapes
Let vibrant life pour off your strokes, create with uninhibited grace
Softly whispering dreams, put moves to sway and trance

Throw some swirls of color, falling into light
Fill your life with feelings, smudging your way
Blending in the crests of light, the sparking hues that may ignite
Surround your day with joy, brush away your blues and flight

Explore, expand and capture a horizon of sky
Try, lock it down and give wings to your art
Dreams are forever, if you'd capture the world in your eyes
Let your brush fly over the canvas, your feelings will take heart

AI Vincent Van Gogh
This Minimalist Abstract Print was created through AI.

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