About AI Art

The future is here.

 All of the art on this website was created through artificial intelligence tools. None of these images you see existed before. They were not created through a sort of copy paste technique. This art was created by machine learning of the techniques used in billions of images.

Do Humans Still Matter?

Yes. AI art tools are just a new kind of paintbrush for humans to use. It seems almost magical because it is much more advanced than a traditional paintbrush, but it's ultimately still just a tool. AI art is created by a human giving commands to an AI tool. A human decides what kind of art the AI should paint by giving commands to the AI tool. These commands are then translated into an image by the AI.

Does a Magic Wand Make Harry Potter Less Powerful?

Of course not, in fact. it empowers him to achieve his destiny. AI, while not actually magic is a powerful tool to empower humans to leap farther than they ever have before.

The Greatest Paintbrush Humans Have Ever Created

Just like with a traditional paintbrush, AI art tools put the human in the driver's seat. The difference is that the paintbrush is immensely more powerful, opening up possibilities as endless as the human imagination.

For more on artAIstry and how our art is created, visit our About Us page.