Corked Moo - Framed & Mounted Print

Rite Of The Clovers
Verdant and bright in an emerald light,
The spirits they sap and the clovers they leap.
Clusters of laughter bring mirth through the night,
Lost in the glory of the corked moo deep.

The grass that are crisps and the oak that is strong,
Lovers that sway beneath the dark of the moon.
Swirling rains sing as the clouds sail along,
Bellowing laughter without quite a tune.

Come with me now on this wild fest ride,
On the waves of a clover, so come take my hand.
Gather round, clap and shout as we glide,
For the waves ripple and dance o'er the land.

AI Bob Dylan
This Funny Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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