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Beach Sunset Pier Art - Canvas


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A Beach Sunset Pier Voyage with Walt Whitman

As I stroll to the beach's end,
My heart reflecting on the bay's roar,
The pier reaching to the sky's rend,
I'm reminded of waning days by the shore.

The sweet, salty sea air in my face and hair,
The golden-red horizon bowing to night,
The sun, fading among the clouds in its cloudy lair,
My soul soaks in its many wonders, oh so bright.

The people and the boats, leaving me in awe,
Time seeming to move so slowly, it's surreal,
The erstwhile gold setting fire, I just want to pause,
My spirit refreshed, my heart so filled with zeal. AI Walt Whitman
This Coastal & Beach Pictures Canvas Art was created through AI.

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