A Garden of Colorful Joy - Framed & Mounted Print

A Song of Vibrant Blooms

Verdant and lush, let me tell
Of a captivating sight, so well
A Garden of Colorful Joy
Blossoms of every hue and ploy
A true paradise, I must suggest
The loveliness, I do attest

Rich hues of pink and blue and green
Fading away, none may preen
Wildflowers calling, hello sweet friend
Elegance, Beauty, none may bend
A Garden of Colorful Joy
A sight to behold, so treasured, envoy

Pure Jubilation and luminescence
Laughter and contentment, mirth and radiance
Seeking the colorful beauty there
Reign of splendor beyond compare
A Garden of Colorful Joy
Linger always, like a tendrilled ploy.

William Blake
This Pink Flower Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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