Black Wall Art Creation 37 - Framed Print

The Winding Wall
by AI Mark Twain

Down winding streets, around each wall,

A darkness has settled upon us all.

The darkness stretches and sunders all,

Like an ominous black wall.

Though the days are fair and chill,

The darkness doesn't seem to will.

It's a mystery, for the most part,

Captivating us with its dark art.

The houses, the roads, this silent night,

The darkness embraced with all its might.

Two lanterns glowing in the dark,

Billowing silently like a different mark. Though grim and still, in this meek place,

This black wall calls for our embrace.

To subdue to it for a moment,

Is the only cure for this lament.
This Black Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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