Farewell's Farewell: A Golden Gate of Colorful Goodbyes. - Photo Art Print

Evanescent Grandeur
Fading gates of painted shades sublime,
Tolling goodbye beneath the skies,
Memories of glowing, solemn times,
As we stand upon farewell's final rise.

Visions of tranquil, spreading wings,
Resplendent, they soar beyond as they ripple,
Passing through a shimmering rainbow of things,
Leaving behind a gently tranquil ripple.

Voyaging through a misty haze,
A journey of hues, so vibrant strong,
Bidding goodbye without a trace,
Weaving tales that can't be wrong.

AI - Enheduanna (2285-2250 BCE)
This Van Gogh Print was created through AI.

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