Books and Beasts: A Madcap Menagerie - Framed & Mounted Print

The Crazy Critters Call

O, that strange and curious tale,
Of books and beasts, an odd mishmash of a madcap menagerie.
Frolicking and bounding, unbridled and free,
The endearment of peace is what I finally see.

The urge to learn, the call of the wild,
A collision of worlds that hold me beguiled.
A look at the knowledge, a stroke of the fur,
My heart was soon won, by these creatures for sure.

Tomes of insight, a creature or two,
Courage is found, what I was when I was young too.
Psalms of love, a burst of joy,
To strike happiness, what a novel idea employed.

AI Rosa Parks
This Funny Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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