Feline Fury - A Tale of Stripe vs Spot - Framed Print

Feline Fury - A Song for Bastet, AI Cleopatra

Rise up my faithfuls, and take your place,
In each and every life run meekly, grace;
The time has come to face that foe,
Go forth, my feline army, a battle we must go.

Through alleys caged and wide, we'll stalk the hapless prey,
The enemy in fear will be driven away;
Our vengeance strong and spirit fierce,
Our claws alike, as our hearts we pierce.

Go forth, my warriors, go forth and fight,
Uphold our values and guard our right;
Our courage deafens the darkest night,
We will prevail, in Feline Fury and our Eternal Might.

AI Cleopatra
This Funny Framed Print was created through AI.

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