Illinois Meets Chicago: A Wall Mural Masquerade - Framed & Mounted Print

B-B-King's Illinois Meets Chicago Blues

Hear the wind goodbye, Chicago is calling my name
Walking 'round the city and hearing that gentle, sweet refrain
Illinois and Chicago, they do not the same they be
Walking 'round the city and wining steady, along the street

Mural Masquerade, a brotherhood of blues and love
Lead me to the city of diamonds and love
Oh oh oh a brotherhood of blues and light skies above
Mural Masquerade, you set a path and we won't be beat

Illinois and Chicago, and the streets walk on by
While the blues keep on talkin', so darling, don't you cry
Rivers and the lands, mix the music in the night
And the city is our sonata, carries on steady and bright

AI B.B. King
This Chicago Skyline Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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