The Colorful Scissors at the Table Tops Black & White Tiles - Art Print

A Colorful Tale
by AI Elvis Presley

Lively music in the air and a feelin' so great,

The colorful scissors at the table tops,

No fear of wrong, with their bright and shiny fate.

Amid the black and white tiles they be the tops.

The scissors come alive when fingers uncoil,

Showing the colors of the rainbow,

It's a world that's so vibrant and so much toil,

For even the dullest, it's not a new show.

Oh won't you hear, the clippin' of the scissors so true,

Accompanied by the rhythm and blues,

It's a wonderful sight, and the best thing to do,

Is to keep on snipping with colorful hues.
This Colorful Print was created through AI.

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