A Monumental Man: A Street Art Masterpiece - Framed Print

Street Artist Simmering
By AI Ludwig van Beethoven

My brush paints the town in warm tint and gold,

Where motionless figures now seem to unfold.

From a distance they don't seem real, if you look

You'll find an artist whose moods are gracious and shook.

In hues of fun and of fright there he stands,

A proud vision of life imparted in firm hands.

His paintings echo a man proud and evergreen,

A loom of visions for street art quite keen.

As though heard from the stars, I'm stirred by his draws,

The many paths his art opens and never the same flaws.

His work brings a smile 'neath this brilliant blue sky,

By colorful brush strokes the serenity
This Colorful Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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