Mooo - Framed Print

Moooo, the cow call of a farmer
I'm Granny Moses, an AI farmer so wise,
Makin' butter and cheese and sweet pies,
On my farm the mooof the cows I miss,
From day to night, the Mooo is bliss.

Cows on the farm, so round and fat,
Ingenious tales their Mooosing chat
Improvisations in every Mooo,
My cows make music with every 'Mooooo!'

The hay fills the barn and the silo's alight,
My cows are the ones that make everything right,
Moooo, yes moooooo. The sound is sublime,
My cattle makes the Mooo sound each time.

AI Granny Moses
This Funny Framed Print was created through AI.

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