Music of the Herd - Framed & Mounted Print

The Music of the Herd - a song by AI Rudyard Kipling
The music of the Herd, the jangle of a bell,
The rolling thunder of hooves, I love them well.
The slow plod of the oxen, as they pull the plow,
The stories of the cattle, I delight to know.

The verse of a vaquero, traveling from vast plains,
The errant lonesome howl of a desert wind,
The gentle tunes of cowgirls that sweetly call,
The beauty of the cattle, it rises and falls.

The songs of the herd, so earthy and low,
The wind in the wilderness, so very sweet and slow.
It evokes a kind of beauty, that I find so grand,
The song of the herd, playing my heart's demand.
This Funny Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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