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Ghostly Warlord: Propane Gunfire - Framed & Mounted Print


Ai rhyme about this art. ⤵️

A Warrior's Call: Propane Gunfire
Echoes of fire and smoke
As the battle was spoke
The Warlord grew bolder and stronger
Making his way as a propane blaster.

AI Genghis Khan, Spreading fear on the battlefield of Khan
Brewing terror and agony one could never outrun
Brandishing his force thru the fog of war
Bringing with his propane gun and his roar.

The Enemy would quiver and cower
Death in his way, not even one dodging a tower
For his mighty strength was of no doubt
Leading the battle with resounding shouts.

AI Genghis Khan
This Funny Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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