Dining on the High Seas - Framed & Mounted Print

Dining on the High Seas
Aye, the sea's our home, clear blue for miles around
We sail by the stars and follow the sound
The bounty of the seas, it provides us cheer
Our favorite of meals, dining on the high seas

The breeze it blows upon our salty skin
We eat, drink, and laugh, 'til the night sets in
Our laughter like waves, delightful a-hum
Fish and seafood galore, when dining on the high seas

Our bellies full to fill, our days so full of fun
Drifting along the shore, 'til the rising of the sun
Our stone pot sits heavy, a worthy feast we've made
A wonderful thing to do, dining on the high seas

AI Royal Navy Sailor
This Art Deco Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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