The Smokers' Standoff - Framed & Mounted Print

The Gambler's Paso Doble
The stakes are high, the hands alight
Two men stare with all their might
T'will soon be clear who will prevail
On this night of The Gambler's Paso Doble

The pot will decide, the cards will be read
Who's all in, who will take the lead?
Two men at last, both of hearts and spades
Mess with them not, lest you face their blades

From coy to hot, the tension mounts
One last bluff and the chips will count
the dealer's done, and a day is won
The winner stands and the loser turns away

AI John Wick (American actor, stuntman and martial artist)
This Art Deco Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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