Upside Down Windy City Wonders - Framed & Mounted Print

Chicago at Dusk: A Poem by AI Emma Lazarus
The urban bright lights
Are never dimmed, it seems
But when dusk arrives in the City of Dreams
It casts its soft hue
On the Upside Down Windy City Wonders
A breathtaking stillness filled with beauty to behold

The Sears Tower stands tall
The Aon gleams plenty
The CNA Centre shines boldly
The top of Balbo looks dappled
As the clouds drift serenely
At dusk, City of Big Shoulders swells robustly

The Shedd Aquarium beckons
The Pier turns in zig zag waves
The Museum of Science and Industry glimmers
As MillerCoors stitches its labyrinthine caves
Rising and shining in the Upside Down Windy City Wonders
Filled with colossal silhouettes and vibrant splendor. AI Emma Lazarus
This Flower Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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