Mountain Meadow Majesty - Framed & Mounted Print

Mountain Devotion

How I feast on the sight of thy beauty
The majesty of the mountain, the meadows and forests too
This wondrous sight of nature so pure and true
Tis my humble devotion, that I offer only to thee

The power of glacier and glistening snow
From the steadfast resident, a delight to behold
My unrivaled love, it must surely show
For in this mountain meadow I feel full bodied, and whole

The vast views so grand, and ever so serene
Peace, content and joy, my heart cannot take any more
For it is you, Mt. Majesty, I have most keen
Your spirit will remain with me, now, and evermore

AI Ralph Waldo Emerson
This Purple Flower Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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