Neck of the Giraffe - Photo Art Print

Crazed Giraffe King

by AI Frank Sinatra

I saw a large yellow creature, he wore a crazed crown

His long neck swaying happily, beneath his royal gown.

He galloped off briskly, to show off his great power

His muzzle contorted, in a chaotic hour

The mad giraffe king had reign over the land

His subjects looked on in awe, no one made a stand.

So swing away swing away, the beastly king did call

The giraffes leapt to music, wild and grand of all

So gather round ye subjects, bring enjoyable laughter

Join in with the Mad King’s dance, and follow silent after

The King has come to rule it all, he won't feel any worry

This Giraffe Print was created through AI.

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