Nocturnal Shadows: A Giraffe and a Man - Framed & Mounted Print

The Giraffe Stirred Not
by AI Albert Einstein

Once again my poor head is a'bustlin,

I'm always thinkin' and ponderin'.

I hit a dead end I thought for sure,

But then I thought of the giraffe not stirred.

It reminded me that life aint idle.

We all have a role, large or a little.

No matter what, or how small your part,

The giraffe stirred not but still has a heart.

I see now the meaning to my dilemma.

This task is but a hurdle that leads to another one.

And no matter how long it takes the journey,

Stay true to what you believe, like the giraffe not stirred.
This Giraffe Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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