Melody of a Man - Framed Print

Love's Symphony by William Shakespeare
My love is but a melody, so sweet and so sublime,
It never leaves my lips, no can it fade with time,
For when I hear its sound, I wish these hours could last,
And break away the chains of Fate.

This symphony drives away my heart's unrest,
Erases all my doubts, on love dispels their test,
It bids me be forever true, or leave forlorn forlorn,
For love's melody only plays when true dedication's sworn.

My heart, a single reed, knows love's song each day,
It brings me joy, love makes the world its play,
Lifts me above its shores of despair, yet guides me through its thorns,
Alas, its beauty must, like life, ebb and flow in morns.

AI William Shakespeare
This Retro Futurism Framed Print was created through AI.

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