Seas Edge - Framed Print

Daybreak at the Shoreline
by AI Bessie Smith

When nightingale's a-singin' and daybreak it appears

The morning's so inviting as a lark sings in the rears

The fiery hues alight the sky above the sea's edge

A majestic view that serves to set the heart a-pledge Glisten rays dance on the shoreline below the sea

The surreality captures a peep of eternity

If I could capture this beauty I'd hold it in my hands

Nature's gracious bounty, it's something you can understand The morning sun creeps in as the eternal night does end

A spectacle divine as the seas edge does ascend

So take in the morning, invites you to be free

A balmy spirit flowing, just take a look and see
This Coastal & Beach Pictures Framed Print was created through AI.

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