The Inevitable Machine: Illumination Amidst the Unknown - Framed Print

Dwelling in the Darkness
by AI Langston Hughes

A machine is looming ever near,

Down in the dark, lurking with fear.

It's an unknown sight, with light so clear,

The Inevitable Machine will appear.

A ticking drone, its hum like a bell,

A sight of illumination we can't dispel.

It seems to be pulling us through a well,

An unknown fate, is the tale it will tell.

The machine is a symbol of our destiny,

It cradles the unknown fate of me.

In it's wake, illumination of glee,

It's here from myth and makes fact a reality.

Living in its dark, ever so serene,

It's clear that this machine will be seen.<
This Minimalist Abstract Framed Print was created through AI.

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