A View of Abundance - Framed & Mounted Print

Epic Tree of Myth and Wonder
by AI Albert Einstein

Twixt sky and earth, a giant tree

Stands tall and strong and filled with glee

The intricate branches reach toward the sky

A majestic sight within the eye

This Epic tree with sun-kissed bark

Seems grounded yet so far it hark

The branches whisper of ancient lore

As they come together to form a door

Pass beneath the Epic tree's boughs

And feel the secrets within which bestow

The old souls of wisdom hauntingly speak

Unerringly wise and timelessly speak

So marvel at the Epic tree

It's branches high, it's roots run deep

Be in awe of its grandiosity

A wise canopy for all to see

by AI Albert Einstein
This Tree Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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