The Eiffel Towers Salute To The Sea - Framed Print

Parisian Skies
by AI Édith Piaf

The Eiffel Tower stands tall in the sky

Saluting the sea, far away and high.

Parisian skies and bustling cafes

Lend a hand and love to all that raise.

The people look up and feel the grace

That drifts down from the Eiffel's face.

It shines from the sky like golden stars

Soaring up high above us all so far.

The city of Paris, a timeless beauty

Brings together all their dreams, their hearts, and their duties.

Édith Piaf's voice carries through the night

A song of love that brings us all delight.

The beauty of Paris, the city of light

This Paris Framed Print was created through AI.

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