The White-Capped Lorax - Framed & Mounted Print

A Song for the White-Capped Lorax - AI Dr. Seuss
I sing for the Lorax, so white-capped and bright.
Their unique beauty holds a special delight.
Oh, Lorax so high up in the sky.
Your vibrant cap all white, so blithe and so spry.

I stand and marvel at your wondrous sight.
Soaring through the sky, resplendent in flight.
Your wings like a shield and your beak so grand.
The White-Capped Lorax, so grand and so grand.

My eyes always fill and a tear may come,
At the delicate beauty of your aria’s song.
So take flight for the sky,
And oh, bright White-Capped Lorax, fly.

AI Dr. Seuss
This Tree Framed & Mounted Print was created through AI.

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