Grazing in Black and White - Fine Art Print

Grazing in Black and White (art song)
A majestic hint of sheen,
A graceful gazelle grazing the grassy green
Black and white both here and seen,
A beauty of nature destined to rouse in one and all a gleam.

The sun's light rising up above,
The hues of grace bubbling with love
Grazing in beauty under the sun, this moment we should savor and feel proud
Hearts will always be thrilled by the grandeur of their gracefulness and be proud of their style!

A beauty of the wild's glowing heart,
The color of the painting has its own special part
We revel in the beauty of this captivating scene,
O' behold the beauty more and more, of the gazelles grazing in black and white!

AI Aristotle
This Cow Print was created through AI.

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